Welcome to Gilberts Mining

Gilberts Mining, Industrial and Electrical Suppliers was established in 1989 and is based in Ermelo, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

We stock, supply and repair a wide range of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic equipment used mainly in the coal mining and associated industry.

We are centrally located to provide our customers with a fast reliable service of quality products at the best possible rates.

We are agents for Aberdare Cable, CCG Glands, Hytronic, Kama Industries and Proof Engineering within the Msukaligwa region.

If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact us!

Below are some of our special offers. Please have a look at our Available page to view a sample of what we stock.



RHAM Roofbolter – As is for only R360 000


RHAM Roofbolter – As is for only R450 000


Low Seam Roofbolter – As is for only R400 000


Shuttle car

10SC22C shuttlecar – As is for only R280 000


10SC22D shuttlecar – As is for only R480 000


Flameproof Tractor

4×4 FLP tractor – As is for only R100 000


Feeder Breaker

Overhauled – Only R1.2M


Vibrating feeder c/w 7.5KW motors – Only R95 000 each


Conveyor drive

1050mm and 1200mm c/w takeup section only R340 000 – R450 000


Ventilation Fan

Ventilation fan c/w 350HP motor – Only R750 000


Sumitomo Drive

Sumitomo Drive Type d95R3-LBF-22.4 250KW 22.81 ratio. Brand new never been used – Only R380 000



4MVA 33000v – 6600v. As is for only R250 000


We also have newly refurbished 10RU Coal Cutters available. Please contact us for more information.


To see a sample of what else we have for sale you can browse our Available page. You can also have a look at our Products and Services page to see what other services we offer.

For more information regarding what we do please do not hesitate to contact us.